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June TBC - Lowry's Life, Salford Involved

May 7th - The Ugly Ducking, Oldham Library

March 19th - Storytelling, Tommy's Field, Oldham

February 13th - Storytelling, Tommy's Field, Oldham

February 6th - Storytelling, Tommy's Field, Oldham

January 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th - Tales of Albion, Bradford Literacy Festival 


December 19th - Storytelling, Tommy's Field, Oldham

December 6th - Storytelling, Tommy's Field, Oldham

December 5th - Storytelling, Tommy's Field, Oldham

December 3rd - The Littlest Snowflake, Torriano Infants

November 15th - Phoenix and Juniper's Petit Party

November 14th - Storytelling, Tommy's Field, Oldham

October 28th - Grandad's Eatng Rubbish, Co op Academy

August 28th - Grandad's Eating Rubbish, Holiday Kitchen

July 24th - Holiday Kitchen, Southway Housing, Burnage

May 25th - Festival Oldham, Ugly Duckling

April 26th - Sherston village Hall, Rural Tour

April 18th - Storytelling, Tommy's Field, Oldham

March 15th - Nina and Amber's Petit Party

March 7th - Pound Arts Centre Corsham, Rural Tour

February 28th - Charfield Memorial Hall, Rural Tour

February 19th - Well Good Arts Week, Gallery Oldham

February 17th and 18th - Full House Theatre's Feb Fest

February 8th - Ruby's Petit Party

January 26th & 27th - Bradford Literacy Festival

January 24th - Shaw Playhouse, Girl Guides




November 29th - Springfield Community Library, Rural Tour

November 16th - Juniper and Phoniex's Petit Party
September 26th-28th - Lake of Stars Malawi 

August 10th-24th - Edinburgh Festival, C Nova

July 24th 25th 26th - Swept Away, Oldham Coliseum

June 14th- North West Girl Guides Festival

April 15th 16th & 17th- Shaw Children's Theatre Festival

February 25th-  Alzheimer's Society UK, Acomb Memory Cafe

February 16th & 23rd- Liverpool World Museum, The Ugly Duckling 

January 28th- Alzheimer's Society UK, Acomb Memory Cafe 

January 24th & 26th-  Bradford Literacy Festival part of the BD5 Children's Literacy festival

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